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   * **[[https://​​basics/​first-setup/​mox_first_setup/​|First Setup]]**   * **[[https://​​basics/​first-setup/​mox_first_setup/​|First Setup]]**
   * **[[https://​​basics/​apps/​netboot/​|Network boot]]**   * **[[https://​​basics/​apps/​netboot/​|Network boot]]**
-  * [[en:howto:​mox_microsd_card|Preparation of microSD card]]+  ​* **[[https://​​hw/​mox/​microsd/​|Preparation of microSD card]]** 
   * [[https://​​basics/​first-setup/​mox_cpu_only/​|First setup for users with CPU module only]]   * [[https://​​basics/​first-setup/​mox_cpu_only/​|First setup for users with CPU module only]]
   * [[https://​​hw/​mox/​rescue_modes/​|Rescue modes of Turris MOX]]   * [[https://​​hw/​mox/​rescue_modes/​|Rescue modes of Turris MOX]]