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 You can find more information in documentation here - https://​​server/​12/​admin_manual/​maintenance/​backup.html You can find more information in documentation here - https://​​server/​12/​admin_manual/​maintenance/​backup.html
-Below is set of command ​which works on Turris Omnia+Below is set of commands ​which works on Turris Omnia
 <​code>​ <​code>​
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 sudo -u nobody php-cli /​srv/​www/​nextcloud/​occ ​ maintenance:​mode --on sudo -u nobody php-cli /​srv/​www/​nextcloud/​occ ​ maintenance:​mode --on
-# backup ​dat+# backup ​files
 rsync -ax /​srv/​www/​nextcloud /​srv/​www/​nextcloud-dirbkp_`date +"​%Y%m%d"​`/​ rsync -ax /​srv/​www/​nextcloud /​srv/​www/​nextcloud-dirbkp_`date +"​%Y%m%d"​`/​