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Line 60: Line 60:
         option ipv4_addr '​'​         option ipv4_addr '​'​
         option ipv6_addr '​2001:​db8:​1234::​64'​         option ipv6_addr '​2001:​db8:​1234::​64'​
-        option prefix '​64:​ff9b::/​96 '+        option prefix '​64:​ff9b::/​96'​
         option dynamic_pool '​​16'​         option dynamic_pool '​​16'​
 </​file>​ </​file>​
Line 129: Line 129:
 /​etc/​config/​resolver>​ /​etc/​config/​resolver>​
 Config Resolver '​Kresd'​ Config Resolver '​Kresd'​
-        ​config ​include_config '/​etc/​kresd/​dns64.conf'​+        ​option ​include_config '/​etc/​kresd/​dns64.conf'​
 </​file>​ </​file>​
   - Restart ''​ resolver ''​   - Restart ''​ resolver ''​