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 +Foris interface only allows you to make a full restore from a backup. Sometimes you may wish to do partial retrieval or just check the diff between the current state of the system and the backup.
 +In order to do so you're going to need registration_code (available via ''/​usr/​share/​server-uplink/​registration_code''​ in Omnia) and the password you set in the Foris Cloud backup page.
 +The following script pulls the latest backup, decrypts it and puts it into ''/​tmp/​turris_cloud_backup.tar.bz2''​ for inspection. Script needs to be run on a Linux machine with ''​pbkdf2''​ python lib, ''​jq''​ and ''​gpg''​ installed.
 +REG_CODE=$(cat /​usr/​share/​server-uplink/​registration_code)
 +read -s -p "Put cloud backup password (as set in Foris): " PASSWORD
 +HASHED_PASS=$(python -c '​import pbkdf2, sys;  print(pbkdf2.crypt(sys.argv[1],​ "",​ iterations=1000))'​ "​${PASSWORD}"​)
 +# list backups with ids
 +latest_backup_id=$(curl -s '​Content-Type:​ application/​json' ​ -H "​Authorization:​Token ${REG_CODE}"​ "​${URL}/​backups/"​ | jq '​.[0]["​id"​]'​)
 +echo "​Retrieving latest backup with ID ${latest_backup_id}.."​
 +# download a backup with specified id
 +curl -s -o /​tmp/​turris_cloud_backup.tbz.gpg -H '​Content-Type:​ application/​json'​ -H "​Authorization:​Token ${REG_CODE}"​ "​${URL}/​backups/​${latest_backup_id}/"​
 +echo "​Decrypting.."​
 +echo "​${HASHED_PASS}"​ | gpg --yes --batch -d -o /​tmp/​turris_cloud_backup.tar.bz2 --passphrase-fd 0 /​tmp/​turris_cloud_backup.tbz.gpg
 +echo "​Deleting encrypted backup.."​
 +rm /​tmp/​turris_cloud_backup.tbz.gpg
 +if [ "​$ret"​ -eq 0 ]
 +        echo "If all went well the unencrypted backup is in /​tmp/​turris_cloud_backup.tar.bz2"​
 +        echo "Looks like there'​s an issue - maybe the password is incorrect?"​
 +source: https://​​t/​ako-sa-da-dostat-ku-cloudovym-zaloham/​