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Foris: Storage setting plugin

The storage plugin allows you to easily move your /srv to an external drive.

If you want to use Nextcloud, LXC or other IO intensive applications, don't put them on the internal flash, always use external storage! Also please make sure that your data will fit on the new drive before switching.


1. Pick an external storage, which you want to move your persistent data to, this can be for example a simple USB flash drive. Make sure that the storage device has no important data on it because it will be formatted!

2. In case of classic USB flash drive, insert it into the USB slot on your router. If you are using a different type of storage, make sure that it is properly inserted or connected to the router.

3. Once the external storage of your choice is inserted, inside the tab Storage in Foris, select where your persistent data should be stored and click “Save”.

4. You will be asked if you are ready to continue. If you are ready, click OK.

5. For all the settings to take place, you now need to reboot your router. You can do this by going to the Notifications tab and pressing “Reboot”.

6. The reboot might take a long time because it involves the movement of your data to the new storage.

Once the process is finished, you have rebooted your router and logged back into Foris, the selected storage will be highlighted blue. This means that the operation was successful and your data will from now on be written to the external disk.