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Turris OS changelog

On this page you can find release notes for recent Turris OS releases. If there are any known bugs connected to specific releases, then they're listed here with a workaround. You can also find long-term issues on a separate page called Erratum. We publish posts about all releases to our Forum, where you can also describe any bugs that you find.

3.10 RC1

Was released on 26th March 2018.


  • Updates to various upstream packages
  • Foris: possibility to change time settings outside of the wizard
  • Foris: plugin to move IO-intensive data to an external drive
  • Foris: plugin for Cloud backups
  • Pakon: Foris user interface and better results filtering
  • Updater: dropped obsolete updater.sh3 and friends, use ‘’pkgupdate’’ instead

Known issues

  • Web plugin for Pakon in Foris is highly experimental and sometimes it doesn't show data.
    • We're investigating this issue.
  • Sometimes WiFi disappears from Foris.
    • We narrow down this issue and will be fixed in RC2.
  • Storage plugin: there is no warning about formatting right now and it's not able to move data to existing storage.


Was released on 6th March 2018.


  • haas: update and fix logging and firewall
  • irssi, rsync, dovecot, squid, mxml, libvorbis, libtasn1, unzip, php: security updates
  • xfsprogs: add xfs_admin tool
  • luci-lxc: fix container creation
  • kernel: update, modules for dvb-mn88473 and dvb-usb-cxusb added
  • dnsmasq: fix sequential ip assignment
  • suricata: fix workaround for some IPv6 issues


Was released on 6th February 2018.


  • HaaS: fix session pairing, disabled logging by default
  • Foris: updated description for Access tokens
  • updater: fix dependencies
  • suricata: workaround for some IPv6 issues

Known issues

Suricata and IPv6 issues

  • LAN doesn't get router advertisement of IPv6
    • Workaround: Will be present in new version of Turris OS, right now you can edit file /etc/init.d/suricata and change line


echo "-I suricata -p icmp -j RETURN" >> $IP6TABLES_RULES #workaround: ignore ICMPv6


echo "-I suricata -p icmpv6 -j RETURN" >> $IP6TABLES_RULES #workaround: ignore ICMPv6


Was released on 30th January 2018.


  • haas: update to the latest version
  • haas: more robust registration
  • kernel: update to the latest version, Sierra Wireless EM7565 drivers
  • nextcloud: update to the latest version
  • poco, mariadb, curl, unbound, bind: security updates
  • Foris: fixed DNS tab for Turris 1.x routers
  • lighttpd-https-cert: Added warning to file /etc/lighttpd/conf.d/ssl-enable.conf that you shouldn't modify it

Known issues


  • HaaS doesn't show records on the website
    • Gitlab commit
    • Workaround: remove line 29 procd_set_param user nobody in file /etc/init.d/haas-proxy


Was released on 22nd January 2018.


  • knot-resolver: fixes security issue CVE-2018-1000002


Was released on 16th January 2018.


  • musl & busybox: use stronger password hash by default
  • kernel: update to the latest version
  • netmetr: fix configuration reset
  • updater: various small fixes
  • openssl, libtiff, socat, rsync, coreutils, php, irssi: security updates
  • tvheadend: update to the latest version
  • knot-resolver & unbound: fixes in local domains
  • suricata: fix startup issue on some routers, performance tweaks


Was released 21st December 2017.
We bring LXC image Debian Jessie back and updated Ubuntu image.


  • coreutils: update to the latest version
  • uci: less sync calls - faster commits
  • hostapd: updated patches from LEDE
  • kernel: update to the latest version, fix LXC error
  • pakon: more robust installation
  • updater: more robust updates and fixes to local repos handling
  • knot-resolver: update to the latest version
  • foris: updated translations and more diagnostics
  • haas-proxy: more robust firewall integration

Known issues


  • Update of package netmetr resets its configuration


  • executed from terminal hangs when approvals are enabled
    • Gitlab issue turris/updater#241
    • Solution: Approve updates from Foris or remove package coreutils-timeout