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RIPE Atlas Software Probe

RIPE Atlas Software probe is the software equivalent of the hardware RIPE Atlas probe.

Be aware that SW probes are now in the testing phase. Information provided in this HowTo can be changed accordingly in future.


atlas-sw-probe package contains scripts and daemon for connecting to RIPE Atlas probe network.

To install probe use opkg:

opkg update
opkg install atlas-sw-probe

After that enable and start atlas daemon:

/etc/init.d/atlas enable
/etc/init.d/atlas start

Probe communicates with servers via an SSH tunnel. The SSH key is generated after the first run of atlas probe daemon.

After starting daemon, run command to get generated SSH public key

/etc/init.d/atlas get_key

Note: It can take some time to generate the key. You should use this key for registration (See Probe Registration)

Probe Registration

To register probe put your SSH public key to

RIPE is running software probes in a test mode. Every new probe has to be approved by RIPE. If your atlas daemon is running it will try to connect to the RIPE network until your SSH key is approved.


Configuration is located in /etc/config/atlas . Bool option rxtxrpt defines if we want to send interface traffic statistics as probe measurement result.

Probe ID and Measurement

It may take some time before your probe will be approved. After it's approved you can get Probe ID by command

/etc/init.d/atlas probeid

Measurement of your probe is then accessible via web (where <ID> is your probe ID)<ID>/