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 +====== Foris on HTTPS ======
 +If you can see this warning box in your Foris web interface, you should add a permanent certificate exception in your browser. Read on to find out what the warning means and how to add the permanent certificate exception on various platforms.
 +==== What does this warning mean?====
 +In order to safely configure your router, you need a secure channel. ​
 +If you don't want to use just your ethernet cable to connect to your router, **a safe way is to use HTTPS**. Why is HTTPS safe? For one, HTTPS requires a **trusted certificate** and if the certificate is not trusted, then warnings are displayed. We use **self-signed certificates**,​ which are generated on factory-reset and cannot, unfortunately,​ be trusted before the first visit to Foris and it is recommended to **add a permanent exception in your browser** for the certificate to be trusted in future connections. ​
 +==== More about warnings ====
 +Generally, if a warning is displayed on the web page where you happen to be, **do not proceed!** It is possible that someone simply misconfigured the web server but there could also be an **ongoing attack**. In case this happens, use a different device or browser. If that doesn'​t help, use a different channel to configure your router or wait for a bit. A few minutes are **not worth your passwords, card number or any other data!** If you decide to click "​continue",​ You should know exactly what you are doing.
 +==== Add a permanent certificate exception! ====
 +The certificate is generated on factory reset so you need to add or change the exception each time you take the router back to factory settings. Here are a few selected browsers and platforms. ​
 +**Firefox** on any platform:
 +  * http://​www.math.uga.edu/​exceptions
 +  * Do not forget to enable '​Permanently store this exception'​
 +**Chrome on Linux**:
 +  * Ubuntu: https://​superuser.com/​a/​598608
 +  * Users of other distributions should be skilled enough to handle the exceptions themselves.
 +    ​
 +**Chrome or Safari on MacOS**:
 +  * https://​superuser.com/​a/​902319
 +  * http://​manuals.gfi.com/​en/​kerio/​connect/​content/​server-configuration/​ssl-certificates/​making-ssl-certificates-trusted-in-safari-1910.html
 +    ​
 +**Chrome on Windows**
 +  * https://​superuser.com/​a/​632060
 +    ​
 +**IE/Edge on Windows**
 +  * https://​twitter.com/​nixcraft/​status/​928335858654068736